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We’re here to help you celebrate and plan a customised Lush Party.

Whatever the occasion, we’re here to help you celebrate and plan a customised Lush party. From the overall theme, to the games you play, to the product you make - it’s all up to you! You can even pick from a range of exclusive products to take home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s party!

Celebrate in-store with exclusive party favors and products handmade by you

What happens when you mix good times, great people, and gorgeous one-of-a-kind goodies? You get one spectacular day!

What happens at a Lush party?

You’ll have a dedicated Party Host for the duration of your party and you can choose from two different party themes: Fun and Games or Treat Yourself. This will set the mood for your party. For an energetic and vibrant atmosphere go for Fun and Games or, for a more laid-back tone, opt for Treat Yourself.

Where will my party take place?

Our parties take place on the shop floor. You’ll explore our products and move around the shop throughout.

How many people can I invite?

 Minimum 5 party guests, SR 200 per person.

What celebration can you host for a party?

Birthdays, Bachelorettes, Graduations, ladies' nights, and more.

What do you get?

- 1.5 hours of fun and pampering activities.
- Make and take home a Lush product.
- Choose from a selection of bath or shower items.
- The party host will get a celebratory Lush gift.
- With so many stores, check out the closest Lush shop.

How do I book?

- Ready to book? Contact your local store to plan your party or sign the form here.