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Rabbit hat

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Looking for a show stopping bath? Don’t split hares. Drop this little hat into your tub and marvel as it transforms your water into a beautifully fruity, deep purple bath. Full to the brim of davana, lemon myrtle and tonka, this will truly cap off your bathing experience. Watch as your little white rabbit emerges in a fizzy, crackling spectacle of colour.

You'll love this if you like:
- Fruity, uplifting baths that bring cheer and joy.
- Plum Rain shower gel, Aubergine bath bomb or Conga shower jelly.
- The spectacle of a magic trick in a flash of colour and popping candy.

- Davana oil has a juicy, apricot note that adds a fruity edge to this subtly sweet fragrance.
- With a fresh, citrus edge, lemon myrtle oil lends a sunny herbal note to pick up your mood.
- Soothing on your skin, tonka has a comforting fragrance of caramelised vanilla and adds a cuddly warmth to the scent of this magical creation.

How to use: Run a hot bath and drop your bath bomb in to create a magical bath quicker than you can say abracadabra!

How to store: Keep your bath bomb somewhere dry until you’re ready to magic up a totally wizard bath

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients
Safe Synthetic

 * Occurs naturally in essential oils


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