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Apple Crumble - Bubbleroon

  • SAR 69.00

  • Ex Tax: SAR 60.00
  • Brand: Lush
  • Product Code: Bubbleroon
  • Availability: In Stock

Apple Crumble - Bubbleroon

"Spicy apple scent. I really enjoyed this. It is pretty strong so I used less than I normally use which is really a pro because it lasted longer. I bought this as a punt I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it but it was the first of my latest haul that I used as I really liked the scent when I pulled it out of the box." -etalien.et_5557261

"...Apple Crumble makes me think of a nice cold glass of apple and raspberry flavoured sparkling water on a hot summers' day...Onto the actual performance of the product, this was a full 10/10. This thing is HUGE. Way bigger than I was expecting! You can easily get 6 baths out of this - admittedly only 3 with the butter layer in the middle, but still." -daechwita

How to use:
Crumble a little, a lot, or the whole thing under the tap as you run the bath. Climb in to enjoy fluffy bubbles and blush-coloured waters.

How to store:
Keep in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use.

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