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About Us


- We believe in making effective products using organic fruits and vegetables with the finest quality essential oils and safe ingredients

- We prepare our products and perfumes manually, using plant materials and in small quantities or without preservatives or packaging, with specifying the date of production of each product

- We are keen to buy the best ingredients and ingredients from companies that do not conduct experiments on animals, so we test our fresh products on humans.

- We believe that happy people make happy products just like them, so we put a picture of the one who prepared the product on the packaging so that his family feels proud.

- We provide a unique and enjoyable experience during massages and showers by candlelight in an atmosphere full of scents as we know that we may make mistakes and when we lose everything we will start over.

- We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right.

- We believe in the right of every person to move freely and without restrictions in all parts of the world.

- We also know the value of words such as (fresh) and (organic), and we are keen to maintain their credibility.